Genesis 2:1-17

I know it’s a bit out of the ordinary to focus on the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as a lesson. But I wanted to use this craft to teach the concept of CHOICE to do the right or not.

Let’s get crafting!

1. Story

The Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:1-17

So in six days GOD created the entire Heaven and Earth. He did such an amazing job that on day 7, GOD rested! GOD rested from all HIS work of the creation.

Now, the LORD planted a special garden in the East, where Adam could live. This garden was called The Garden of Eden.

This was no ordinary garden! In this garden GOD planted every beautiful tree for Adam to eat from. GOD also planted two VERY special trees; The Tree of Life and The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

These two very special trees GOD planted right in the middle of the Garden of Eden, and if you ate the fruit of The Tree of Life, you would live forever! Imagine that! And if you ate fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you would know and understand the difference between good and evil; and would die.

GOD put Adam in his special Garden of Eden and GOD said to him: This is where you will stay; you must look after the garden and care for all the animals. You may eat from ANY tree in the garden, BUT you MAY NOT eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, because when you do, you will die.

Adam was so excited to be in this amazing Garden of Eden that GOD made for him, and he agreed that he will not eat from the special Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

2. Song

This is the Day that the LORD has Made.

3. Craft

All crafts’ methods are above in the video and all FREE templates are below.

Every craft we do is done as a concrete resource to help your child understand abstract concepts. So in the middle of having fun making the crafts, we drive home those abstract concepts (;

The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Craft

When we discuss this craft with your child, keep in mind that the Bible says the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil simply had “fruit”- be mindful not to refer to it as an apple, or the like.

The Seasons Tree Craft

This was such a cute craft to teach the different Seasons (a little secret: in the craft video I misspelled Autumn-don’t tell anyone haha that’ll be super embarrassing)

4. Lessons

Let’s do some learning (:

Remember although our lessons are divided into three themes, there are many times that concepts will overlap the three themes below.

Before I continue, let’s keep in mind that all lessons CAN BE ADJUSTED to the child’s age and cognitive readiness. For me personally, I have toddlers-so that’s the level I focus on. Please enjoy the FREE printable below to help you optimize your child’s learning


Below is the WORD-FOR-WORD Literacy lesson and/or related resources!

Today’s lesson may be a bit on the tricky side, but have no fear! I have help, as always, with my Lesson in a word-for-word dialogue that you can simply read to your child and teach them the new letters.

Just as a side note: To this point, we have officially taught 6 phonics. Use the flash cards above to create as many word combinations as you can (there’s well over 35 word combinations) and as an extension have them write the words down and maybe use it in a sentence, or even draw the picture.

This ACTIVITY BOOK was an absolute WINNER! Just saying… (:


In numeracy today we are really took it easy, because literacy was so intense. So we were focusing on counting-like every single chance we got. What I did was have my child count all the leaves before we pasted on the tree above in the ACTIVITY BOOK.

The interesting thing about numeracy is that it is everywhere and one can intergrate patterns and counting in almost any task.

i.e. Who can count their toys while they put it in the toy box? (mom-hack!)

Life Skills

The craft above really created a sweet spot for teaching the seasons. I decided to dig deeper with my daughter and discuss dress code and activities that go along with the different seasons.

GOD bless you and your loved ones!

Love Bible Learning

Love Bible Learning is designed to help parents teach their young children to love and understand the Bible, and in turn teach them to love GOD! What a strong foundation they will have in preparation to facing the world.


Susan Campbell · June 19, 2020 at 21:48

I would love the free phonics book thank you so much. Susan Campbell

    Love Bible Crafts · June 20, 2020 at 06:08

    Hey Susan! You are more than welcome to provide your email in the subscription tab and all the resources will be emailed to you ❤️

Chantelle Neethling · June 23, 2020 at 07:44

Good morning

Can I ask if you can please send me the lesson plans from 1 – 7?
For some reason he doesn’t want to go to lesson 1.
And the link for the rest of the literacy?

Thank you very much

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