I enjoyed this Love Bible Box: The Creation, so much! There are so many activities and exciting concepts handled in this box.. well, obviously because it ‘s about the creation of the entire universe!

“children learn best when they are having FUN!”

Let’s unpack this this Love Bible Box: The Creation

This unpacking is based on the English version of the Love Bible Box, but the exact same box is also available in Afrikaans:

Love Bible Boks: Die Skepping.

Bible story:

The Creation/Die Skepping

This PRETTY Bible story was illustrated and written by Love Bible Learning’s studio, and I must admit, I’m in love!

TheeBook for The Creation is available for free including the Afrikaans version, Die Skepping.

My daughter actually asked me, after making me read the Afrikaans and English story to her TWICE in a row, to paste the pictures on her wall! But above all, the story is Biblically accurate! One very interesting aspect to the story is that on Day 5 GOD created the birds and the sea creatures, right? That means, for an entire day the birds had the entire world to themselves! They were just living their best lives, haha! And here we thought the lion is the king of the jungle!

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The creation song (with flash cards)

I love maximising learning opportunities! Not only does the song recap the Bible story and set the stage for some comprehension activities, but it is a lovely number recognition and simple maths activity too! When an activity so fun and easy can be THIS layered, I get really excited.

So one interesting aspect is that there are very few Afrikaans Sunday School songs that I know of. So… there was only one thing left to do: Make my own song! With the helping hand of my dear mother!

PS. while making this song I realised that I made a booboo in the spelling on dag 1- It has been fixed 😉

Sensory Fun:

Nature Scavenger Hunt

This is my kind of fun! Take your kids outside in the yard, the local park, or even a Nature Reserve (haha! but then it’s a see-only scavenger hunt) and let them explore the many wonderful things GOD created! I love seeing the shock on their faces when you emphasise that GOD made every single thing! Grab your boots and hat! Let’s go outside!


How to tell time?

The moment my kids saw the little clock, they were already ecstatic! This exciting activity helps to teach toddlers how to read the basic time; the hours, quarter past, half past and quarter to. Match the the time and the clock in the puzzles and change the time on the clock too!

My daughter picked up reading time really quickly after doing this activity, but it’s really curious… Every night that around her bedtime she forgets how to read time! Then in the morning she miraculously remembers everything again! Very weird!


Animal puppets

This DIY animal puppets are the CUTEST! Honestly, It was so effective to teach my kids about how GOD created animals for the different habitats. A snake has no warm fur to keep them warm in the icy polar habitats. And how will they grip onto the ice?? The poor snake will slide all over the ice, freezing his belly, haha! These puppets help kids really explore this concept on a concrete way!

Luckily, my daughter loved it so much, she found a special bag to put it in so that we can take it to church for her to play with- that’s a win for me!

Busy Book:

Let’s Learn About: Germination

This busy book focuses on Day 3 of the creation, and how can we teach germination without letting kids actually germinate their own seed? The little greenhouse is pasted on a sunlit window and they can watch the seed grow and stick stickers to label the different parts f the plant as it grows. Kids LOVE it!

FREE PDF of the busy books (ENG and AFR) are emailed to those on the email list (:


Bird and spider craft

Fun and glitter-free (thank me later) crafts. Fuzzy spider legs and fluffy feathers, we loved it!

If you’d like the template of this craft, join our email community so that I can email it to you, along with many other freebies!

Lucky Surprise:

Did you know that on Day 4, when GOD created the sun, moon and stars, GOD specifically says that the sun, moon and stars are there for signs, seasons and time. So as an avid star-gazer I found it so special to know what ‘my’ starry sky looked like when I was born.

Why, yes! Yes I was born in 2016, haha!

So in each Love Bible Box your child can see what their special starry night looked like, and you can even frame it and hang it on their bedroom wall.

This was so many hours fun, smiles and learning! I know you will love it!

If you liked this Love Bible Box: The Creation, check it out below!

I absolutely LOVE hearing your thoughts and quarries! Please do not hesitate to drop me a message or leave a comment

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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“My children really enjoy the Love Bible Boxes. I certainly would recommend this subscription to any and every toddler parent out there!”
Heillie S.

“The lesson was excellent and extremely enjoyable for my energetic son! The best part is that I benefited from the lessons too and now have a much better understanding of the basic Bible stories! We love it!”
Deon D.

Love Bible Learning

Love Bible Learning is designed to help parents teach their young children to love and understand the Bible, and in turn teach them to love GOD! What a strong foundation they will have in preparation to facing the world.


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