Day 6 GOD created SOOOO many important things, we need to split this day in two! (It’s no wonder GOD rested on Day 7)

I hope your kids enjoy it too!

1. Story

GOD Created the World: Day 6

Day 6 was a very special day in the creation! Remember, on the days before this GOD spent lots of time creating the perfect earth for us; with a sky, waters, fruit, plants and vegetables. He even created birds that fly in the sky and sea creatures in the seas.

Remember how GOD created the sun, moon and stars too? Now, the sun is very, very, VERY special to us. Do you know why? If we are close enough to the sun, we get nice and warm. But if we live in a place on earth that isn’t as close to the sun, it gets verrrryy cold there, hey?

GOD made all these wonderful places on earth! Some sandy places, some collllddd and snowy places and some places are all wet and rainy! Brrr!

So, on day 6 GOD created living creatures! Creeping little bugs and insects, like buzz-buzz-buzzing bees! Or creepy-crawly-little spiders. And GOD made animals like mooing cows, roaring lions and bleating sheep!

Imagine: the earth was quiet and empty, just some tweeting birds, then SUDDENLY all the animals are created!

The most incredible part is GOD gave the animals that live in the cold snowy places warm fuzzy fur to keep them warm!

The animals that live in the sandy hot desserts doesn’t need long fuzzy fur to keep them warm. Oh, no! Phew, they will get way too hot!

That is how GOD perfectly made every animal that walks on this earth perfect for their home!


2. Song

Hip Hip Hooray- Hippopotomus

3. Craft

All crafts’ methods and FREE templates are below.

Every craft we do is done as a concrete resource to help your child understand abstract concepts. So in the middle of having fun making the crafts, we drive home those abstract concepts (;

Cute bug crafts

Genesis 1:24

This craft illustrates the cute little bugs and creeping things GOD created on Day 6 of the Creation. I personally LOVE the bee craft because the bees bounce around and appear to be flying- I’m a sucker for 3D crafts.

FREE Templates below

Arctic Animals Craft

Genesis 1:25

In these crafts I tried to illustrate a few of the animals living in the Arctic habitat. I used a crossword puzzle for the black BUT if you like you can use black paper.

FREE Templates below

Cute Forest Animals Craft

Genesis 1:24-25

So we definitely have MANY crafts for Day 6- these crafts are helping to illustrate the animals that live in forest/rainy habitats.

FREE templates below

Safari Animals Craft

Genesis 1:24

This cute crafts are a buffalo short of being the Big 5. These crafts help us to illustrate the final habitat- Safari/Grassland animals.

Phew! That was A LOT of crafting! Now, let’s make it count with some learning:

4. Lessons

This is where everything gets interesting. Before I continue, let’s keep in mind that all lessons CAN BE ADJUSTED to the child’s age and cognitive readiness. For me personally, I have toddlers-so that’s the level I focus on. Please enjoy the FREE printables below to help you optimize your child’s learning.


Today we are going to focus on phonic blends. So all I’m really saying is; we are going to take the phonics we taught the kids so far (a,t, s, m and d) and we are going to make some word combinations.

The activity below is super exciting for the kids, because they start to explore the many words they are able to create with the few phonics we know.

To enrich the content EVEN mmmmmMORE, I allowed my daughter to write the blends she created, and if we could, we drew a picture that represented that word, AND made sentences using the word.

It was crazy how much we could accomplish with ONLY 5 PHONICS!


In keeping with the blocks above, I thought it would be super cute to make similar Number Blocks to practice a few additional and subtraction sums.

I know I shouldn’t gush too much, BUT HECK my daughter was so engaged in these cubes. It’s given a whole new meaning to “Learning Blocks”.

Like the Alphabet Blocks, I allowed her to write the sums down. I had a separate discussion on the “=” sign. But it might be best to have a whole lesson on the structure of a sum. But for now, I’m focusing on the concept of adding and subtracting.

The second part of my numeracy activities, I called in the MANY CRAFTS we did today! So we have 4 sets of crafts with a minimum of 3 crafts each (I just packed away the Cheetah so that there were only 3 Safari Animals in question) and I very briefly discussed grouping (basically introducing multiplication). I am going to let you into a bit of a dialogue

How many Arctic animals did we make? And Forest? And the Bugs? -All 3

How many Safari Animals do I have in my hands? 3! Allow them to touch each craft and count it. Let them show you three on their fingers too and write the number down.

So all the animals are in groups of 3? I know repetition gets tedious, but it is Oh, so useful! Allow the child to count 1-3 in each group.

How many animals will I have if I only ask for two groups of animals? At this point have an area where you focus on (i.e. the middle of the table), and put the crafts to one side (stacked in their 4 groups). Help the child along by asking which two groups they want to choose (Safari, Forest, Bugs or Arctic) and when they choose two of these groups, count the animals in the groups with them. First count each group 1-3, then place all the animals in a line in the middle of the table and say “Now they are together/added together” and count them all together (1-6).

So how many animals are there all together? So 2 groups of 3 is how much? Just reinforce the concepts

Continue along these lines; 3 group, making the groups smaller; i.e. groups of 2, etc

Life Skills

I really LOVE doing the Life Skills lessons!

So, this is the reason why we did so many crafts! Now we can teach the child different HABITATS. We spoke about where these animals live, their special features that help them in these habitats, their sleeping arrangements and food they eat.

KEY WORDS: Nocturnal animals. Herbivores, Carnivores or Omnivores

First we spoke about ourselves:

  1. Our physical features. The fact that we have little/no fur, claws or sharp teeth is the reason why we keep warm with clothes or in our warm homes, etc. The hot sun can damage our skin so we take measures to protect ourselves, etc. Because we do not have claws we had to create weapons to protect ourselves and hunt
  2. Where we live? Our physical make up is the reason why we live in the homes we do; to protect us from the elements
  3. What we eat: Most humans are omnivores and our food is ‘hunted’/farmed

So basically these are the three questions we went through with every animal, we even YouTube most of the animals.

If you would like me to give you the full lesson, pop me your email and I’ll be happy to send it to you!

GOD Bless you and your loved ones

Love Bible Learning

Love Bible Learning is designed to help parents teach their young children to love and understand the Bible, and in turn teach them to love GOD! What a strong foundation they will have in preparation to facing the world.


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