We start our journey right where we should: The beginning!

This lesson begins on Love Bible Learning’s preschool curriculum: Ground level. (Phew! That was a mouthful). Check out the curriculum framework below to see what the objectives are for ground level.

Each lesson will progress from one level to the next, as the objectives are met. So let’s buckle up, get comfy and BEGIN!


GOD Creates the World

Right in the beginning. Long, long, LOOOOONNNGGG ago, GOD made the heaven and earth. That’s right! HE made EVERYTHING! Would you like to know how HE did it?

Well, first there was nothing. No children, no mommies, no animals, no plants… nothing! It was just dark and empty! Scary, right?

Then suddenly, GOD said, “Let there be light!”, and you know what happened? There was light! So GOD separated the light from the darkness. All of this, GOD did on day one!

The next day, GOD poured water into the sea, and made the beautiful sky. Isn’t that incredible? All of this GOD made one day two!

The next day GOD did so many amazing things! First GOD gathered water into seas, lakes, and rivers so that the earth could have some parts covered with water and some parts with dry land. Isn’t that interesting? There’s still some land under the waters, hey? And even the land under the water has plants that grow in it, did you know that?

After that, GOD let the earth grow green plants. So all the grass, trees and flowers sprang up to make the earth beautiful. GOD made each vegetable and fruit to carry its own seed.

GOD said that all this was good!

Enjoy some colouring pages with memory verses:


HE’s Got the Whole World In HIS Hands


Every craft we do is done as a concrete resource to help your child understand abstract concepts. So in the middle of making fun crafts, we drive home those abstract concepts (;


Day 1 Genesis 1:1-5

This craft illustrates that GOD HIMSELF created light when there was absolutely nothing!


Day 2 Genesis 1:6-9

This craft aims to reinforce that GOD separated the waters from the sky- now there is a clear sky with wind and clouds and water on the face of the Earth.

Day 3 of The Creation Craft

Day 3 Genesis 1:9-13

In this craft we illustrate how GOD gathered the water into seas so that dry land could appear with green grass, trees and plants like pretty flowers.


This is where everything gets interesting. Before I continue, let’s keep in mind that all lessons CAN BE ADJUSTED to the child’s age and cognitive readiness. Please enjoy the FREE printables below to help you optimize your child’s learning

This is the first real lesson. I’d suggest you take this lesson to focus on hyping the child up! Make them excited about what lies ahead!

As a way to build excitement, I suggest parents/Sunday School teachers make a rewards chart with the kids today! There’s nothing more exciting for a child, than a pending reward for milestones achieved! (Beside ice-cream, of course!)

Below is Love Bible Learning’s Morning ring, which includes: 1. Bible corner, 2. Daily calendar, 3. Prayer and chores list, 4. Weather and attire, 5. Literacy and Numeracy focus board and 6. Caterpillar reward chart.

Below you will find a FREE rewards chart template (if this is a bit boring, you can make a custom one of your own). I have also attached a FREE Phonics cut-out template below. This is really important to cut-out and keep, as we learn the phonics the child can put the phonics they have mastered onto the rewards chart, to work towards rewards for these achievement. AND we will use these phonic cut-outs for games and activities in future lessons.

On the rewards chart there are some blocks that are colored, when the child reaches these blocks REWARD THEM! Even if it is with some bubbles, painting time, high-5 parties; literally anything will be exciting if your advertising committee does its job ha-ha!

Below is a Curriculum PLANNER that will help you to plan and keep track of your child’s achievements and plan goals according to the curriculum

I hope you enjoyed Love Bible Learning’s first lesson! If the LORD wills, I’ll see you again next week with the next lesson!

GOD bless you and your loved ones!

Love Bible Learning

Love Bible Learning is designed to help parents teach their young children to love and understand the Bible, and in turn teach them to love GOD! What a strong foundation they will have in preparation to facing the world.


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