This lesson helped to teach my daughter about the the water cycle.

Let’s get learning!

All lessons are specifically designed to meet the objectives in the Love Bible Learning Preschool Curriculum Framework. All resources are available in PDF format below.

1. Story

Noah and the flood

Genesis 7-9

When Noah entered the Ark that he built, he was 600 years old, that’s VERY old to build an ark, hey? Do you know the ark was approximately 157m/515ft long, that’s even bigger than a football field! Can you believe that? But he needed a very big boat to fit every kind of animal on earth.

When he finished the ark, it was time to enter the ark. GOD said, Noah had to take enough food for his family and all the animals too. So, Noah, with his wife, their three sons and their wives entered the ark with some of alllllll the animals on earth. GOD said a male and a female of every unclean animal (that means the animals that they did not eat), and seven males and seven females of every bird and of every clean animal (animals they are allowed to eat). ALL of them went into the ark and each had their own room too!

When everyone was in the ark, GOD shut the door, and it began to flood! The rain fell, and the underground water came bursting out like fountains, and slowly it started to flood, and the ark began to float on the water, high and higher as the flood became more and more. It rained for forty days and forty nights and the flood was SO DEEP that it covered everything! The grass, the flowers, the hoses, the tallest trees, even the tallest mountain! The ark flooded on the waters and floated about on the water. Everything that lived that was not in the ark, died.

Then GOD blew a great wind over the waters and the flood started to dry up and the ark landed on the mountains of Ararat. After 150 days of being in the ark, the earth was dry and GOD let Noah, his family and all the animals out of the ark.

To thank GOD for how AWESOME GOD is, Noah built an alter and offered of every single kind of bird and clean animals to the LORD- that was A LOT to offered to GOD. And GOD smelled the soothing aroma of the offering and decided to promise that HE will never ever, destroy the earth and all living things in it with water again, no matter how evil humans can be. And GOD told Noah, that he will put a sign in the clouds to remind us of HIS promise, and do you now what this wonderful sign is? A beautiful rainbow! That is why I LOVE a rainbow, because it always reminds me that no matter how many times, I disappoint GOD, HE is always faithful to me

Enjoy the interactive Bible storybook/busy book below!

2. Song

GOD made the beautiful rainbow

3. Craft

Every craft is done as a concrete resource to help your child understand abstract concepts. So in the middle of having fun making the crafts, we drive home those abstract concepts (;

Rainbow Craft

I absolutely love rainbows! Did you know in Ezekiel 1, Ezekiel describes GOD’s presence emanating from HIM like a rainbow? I mean,, how beautiful?!

Water Cycle mobile Craft

Brilliant craft to help teach the water cycle to little minds (meaning kids haha obviously)

4. Lessons

Let’s do some learning (:

Although our curriculum is divided into three components (Literacy, Numeracy, and Life Skills), the Interactive Activity Books are designed to incorporate the three components into one seamless theme.

Enjoy the BUSY BOOK!

Below is the WORD-FOR-WORD Literacy lesson and/or related resources!

GOD bless you and your loved ones!

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