Love Bible Box: Who is GOD?


This Love Bible Box theme: Who is GOD to me? (customized box)

Many fun and exciting activities for this Love Bible Box, all geared toward introducing young minds to GOD and how we can have a relationship with HIM.

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This Love Bible Box is carefully designed with activities, games and sensory play, to help young minds understand who GOD is and how they can have a personal relationship with HIM from such a young age.

In this box:

  1. Bible Story:  GOD Made (customizable name) just right. This book celebrates how GOD made us all differently, but it’s what we do with our bodies that matters to HIM.
  2. Sensory fun: colourful rice and beans with lesson
  3. Keepsake: Two cute characters to help introduce toddlers to reading (left to right and top to bottom) and two collectable cards
  4. Craft: My Prayer Book Craft to help teach children how to pray
  5. Busy Book: This busy book is a simple introductory activity book to teach children who GOD is, what the Bible is and what they can do to have a relationship with GOD
  6. Preschool: In this box we provide a starter pack with a focus board, a chores to-do list and a cute daily calendar and weather spotter that can be pasted on their wall to stimulate their vocabulary and understanding of daily concepts
  7. Fun games: The game in this box is a fun activity where kids can tie the laces of two sneakers with steps to teach them how to tie the laces. It is perfect, to not only teach them how to tie their own laces, but also stimulate their fine-motor skills
  8. Songs: In this box we doubled a Sunday School song with a bonus sensory activity too,, by providing a weaving activity along with the lyrics- kids love it!

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