This lesson is all about emotions and we learn about the story of Cain and Abel. Cain gives us an important lesson about needing to self regulate and control our emotions.

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All lessons are specifically designed to meet the objectives in the Love Bible Learning Preschool Curriculum Framework. All resources are available in PDF format below.

1. Story

Cain and Abel

Genesis 4

Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden of Eden, and now they had to farm their own food.

Eve soon had her first baby, Cain, and soon after she had a second son, Abel. So Adam taught Cain and Abel how to help him farm for food. Abel farmed and looked after the sheep and Cain helped to grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs from the ground.

After a while, Cain and Abel gave offerings to GOD of the food they farmed. Cain took some of his fruit he grew from the ground and offered it to GOD. But Abel offered the first lamb born to his flock to GOD with its fats.

GOD was so pleased with Abel for giving his best, but GOD was not pleased with Cain. And Cain became angry! So GOD asked Cain, “Why are you so angry, Cain? If you did the right thing and gave ME your best I would have accepted your offering, wouldn’t I? Be careful not to get too angry because then you might fall into sin, control your anger”

But Cain did not listen to GOD! He went to confront Abel in the field, and got so angry he killed Abel.

GOD was so upset that Cain did this, but still, GOD gave Cain an opportunity to be honest about his mistake, and GOD asked Cain, “where is your brother?” and instead of Cain admitting his mistake, he was disrespectful to GOD and said “how will I know where my brother is? Am I his babysitter?”. So GOD punished him greatly.

This is a very sad story with many important lessons! Do the Bible storybook below to learn how Cain should have behaved

Enjoy the interactive Bible storybook below!

This interactive Bible storybook helps to bring the everyday lesson about obeying rules and consequences across to kids in a simple and fun way

2. Song

If You’re Happy and You Know It

3. Craft

Every craft is done as a concrete resource to help your child understand abstract concepts. So in the middle of having fun making the crafts, we drive home those abstract concepts (;

Emotions Craft

Although this craft aims to make children aware of the different emotions and the facial expressions associated with these emotions, I do think it is important to make it clear that the facial expression is a by-product of some emotions and sometimes people may feel sad but you will not see it on their face because a feeling is something we FEEL in our hearts. Likewise i also emphasized that sometimes you may feel annoyed but do not make an angry face because you are practicing self control.

4. Lessons

Let’s do some learning (:

Although our curriculum is divided into three components (Literacy, Numeracy, and Life Skills), the Interactive Activity Books are designed to incorporate the three components into one seamless theme.

Enjoy the interactive Activity Book

Below is the WORD-FOR-WORD Literacy lesson and/or related resources!

GOD bless you and your loved ones!

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