This is Love Bible Learning’s very first box! I am so giddy with excitement for your child to enjoy this the fun-packed activities! This Love Bible Box is carefully created to introduce the concept of who GOD is and how they are able to have a personal relationship with him. This box also highlights the diversity of GOD’s creations and promotes self-love and confidence, while enjoying fun preschool activities!

“children learn best when they are having FUN!”

Let’s unpack this Love Bible Box!

Bible story

GOD made me… just right! (customisable)

This short-and-sweet story is designed to boost young children’s self-confidence by celebrating that GOD has made each of them special in their own way. But more importantly, the story aims to teach them to explore how GOD has given them these physical blessings for a reason. Instead of focusing on what colour eyes we have, we try to focus on why GOD has given us the gift of sight, and how we can use that gift to serve HIM and others.


1 2 3 JESUS Loves Me

This song was the perfect opportunity to have some fun while we secretly boost their counting, number recognition and fine-motor skills! It’s so entertaining to weave the thread through the pasta, while counting and singing. Even I was having fun playing with it!

Sensory Fun

This simple colorful rice and beans sensory activity, not only helped with skills like fine-motor skills, sorting and counting, but it also turned out to be an excellent basis to teach kids about diversity and taking pride in being different. ESPECIALLY when it pertains to choosing to do the right thing, even when the masses are doing the wrong thing.


Now it’s time to start getting your kids hyped for their learning and taking on some responsibilities! Eeek! I know.. but this starter pack includes a focus board to highlight the month/week’s concepts, a reward chart to get your kids excited about achieving milestones (please please reward them for these), a to-do list of chores and activities presented in such a cute way, they won’t even realise they are doing chores! And a prayer list for your little kids


I can tie my laces

This fun activity has step-by-step instructions to help teach your precious child to tie their own laces. This is my favourite activity to keep in my bag and hand it over when I want my kids to be still and occupied in a restaurant or church, haha!

Busy Book

How can I make GOD happy?

This busy book is a sweet way to introduce children to who GOD is, how GOD speaks to us through the Holy Bible and how we speak to HIM through prayer. In my humble opinion, this busy book is packed with the fundamentals of what Christianity is, to young child and to adults. The busy book comes complete with two collectable cards too!


My Prayer Book

This adorable craft goes hand-in-hand with the busy book teaching your child that they can speak to GOD through prayer. Teaching our beloved children HOW to pray is one of the most important steps because it incapsulates their understanding of their personal relationship with GOD. From what they discuss with GOD in prayer, to how often they speak to HIM. That is why I do not take teaching prayer lightly, and I hope this craft makes teaching your child to pray FUN and easy!

Lucky Surprise

Two special readers

In every box there are a few fun surprises for your kids. I can’t give away ALL the surprises haha! So I’m only going to share this one little surprise with you… well actually two! These adorable characters help your child read from left-to-right and from top-to-bottom by ‘eating the words’! A brilliant way to get your kids excited about reading!

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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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“My children really enjoy the Love Bible Boxes. I certainly would recommend this subscription to any and every toddler parent out there!”
Heillie S.

“The lesson was excellent and extremely enjoyable for my energetic son! The best part is that I benefited from the lessons too and now have a much better understanding of the basic Bible stories! We love it!”
Deon D.

Love Bible Learning

Love Bible Learning is designed to help parents teach their young children to love and understand the Bible, and in turn teach them to love GOD! What a strong foundation they will have in preparation to facing the world.


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