This craft was a bit extra, but it helped my toddler understand some seriously abstract ideas (also, moms it brought to light some very humorous FACTS about men below in the story, ha-ha!)

Let’s get started!

1. Story

GOD created Eve

Genesis 2:18

GOD was so happy with all HIS creations; the fish in the sea, the animals that walked on the Earth, the birds that flew in the sky, and Adam.

GOD brought each and every animal to Adam to give each of them a name he would call them. Goodness! Imagine how long it took for him to name every single animal.

He made some funny names too, hey? Like hippopotamus or herangatang! Ha-ha! Those names make me laugh.

And GOD saw, oh no! Poor Adam needs help, he can’t care for all of GOD’s creatures and look after the garden of Eden all on his own. He needed someone like him to help him.

So GOD had a great plan! GOD put Adam in a deep, deep, DEEP sleep. So that he couldn’t wake up for any reason at all, even if you stomped on his toes as hard as you could!

GOD then took one of Adam’s ribs OUT OF HIS BODY, and closed up the flesh again. It’s almost like GOD did an operation on Adam, hey? Do you want to know what GOD did with Adam’s rib? GOD used it, and turned it into a woman. Amazing!

GOD woke Adam up and showed him what HE had made for him. Can you imagine how shocked Adam was to see Eve?

Adam said to Eve: “You are now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; you will be called woman, because you were taken out of Man.” And Adam and Eve were naked… is that strange?

See, Adam and Eve were naked, and they weren’t ashamed because they didn’t know the difference between right and wrong yet. They were pure and innocent, like a little baby, hey? But we know now what is right and wrong, hey? So do we walk around naked…No! Never! We wear clothes and cover ourselves, so that no one can see our parts of our body that’s private to us, hey?

That was a lot of big words, hey?

MOMs just a quick note: I just find it quite interesting that after GOD let Adam do his first solo task (naming the animals), GOD was like, nah this guy needs a woman in his life. Facts are facts, ha-ha!

2. Song

GOD Made Me

GOD made me x2

In my Bible book it says

that GOD made me

3. Craft

All crafts’ methods are above in the video and all FREE templates are below.

Every craft we do is done as a concrete resource to help your child understand abstract concepts. So in the middle of having fun making the crafts, we drive home those abstract concepts (;

Adam and Eve Craft

This craft was designed to illustrate our circulatory system organs (lungs and heart), protected by our skeleton and flesh, and controlled by our nervous system (brain). I thought this would be a bit intense to teach a toddler, but the craft made the concept surprisingly easy for her to understand!

4. Lessons

Let’s do some learning (:

Remember although our lessons are divided into three themes, there are many times that concepts will overlap the three themes below.

Before I continue, let’s keep in mind that all lessons CAN BE ADJUSTED to the child’s age and cognitive readiness. For me personally, I have toddlers-so that’s the level I focus on. Please enjoy the FREE printable below to help you optimize your child’s learning

Literacy and Numeracy

Below is the WORD-FOR-WORD Literacy lesson and/or related resources!

Enjoy the Lesson and activity book that incorporates literacy and numeracy activities

Life Skills

Now this craft had some seriously intense concepts that became really simple through doing the craft.

We taught the three vital orgas (brain, lungs, and heart)

First: I taught that the brain controls our nervous system. I explained it as the brain wanting to send a massage to my arm to move, and my nerves are like the postmen taking the message from my brain to my arm. We played this game where my husband was the brain, and my daughter was the nerves that would run between the brain (my husband) and the body (me) to send the messages/instructions. I don’t know who enjoyed the game more; my daughter or husband who scored a cup of coffee from the ‘messages’.

Second: We discussed our heart and how it pumps blood to our body. We spent a considerable amount of time listening to everyone’s heart beats- counted every beat to bring in some numeracy too. Next we spoke about lungs and how breathing oxygen is important for us to stay alive (tying in with the previous lessons when life cycles were discussed).

Next: We did some deep breaths to show how our lungs expand when we breathe and our ribs expand with our lungs. Then we discussed the importance of our ribs; to act as a cage protecting our lungs and heart. Some more games helped to seer this information in her mind. I started tickling her and she inevitably ran around so that I could chase her and when she tried to tickle her baby brother I put the empty washing basket over him, and she tried sticking her finger through the holes to reach him, but she hardly could manage a tickle or two. This is a perfect example of how the simplest games help to teach kids!

And to tie all of these new concepts in, we discussed how these organs, and the skeleton is vital to our existence. So we discussed why the LORD says things like “I am the breath of Life” to help us understand that the same way we breathe all day long, we need HIM, everyday-the WHOLE day!

GOD bless you and your loved ones!

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