Hi, I’m Anika Adams and welcome to episode 1 of Love Bible Mom blog and Love Bible Mom Podcast! If you are a Christian mom just doing your best to raise your children to be great Christians in this crazy-ungodly world, then you are in the perfect place for guidance, support and encouragement straight from the Bible!

This episode is we remember that our hard work and sacrifices are NOT in vain and we will be rewarded for it!

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Be Strong and persevere

It’s so easy to tell someone “Be strong” when you do not know what they rae going through, but the beautiful thing is GOD knows!

GOD knows exactly what you are going through, and in fact in James, he speaks about trials being good for Christians because in trials we grow and mature in our spirituality– and I can almost guarantee that with every trial you went through, you can think back on SOMETHING you learned from that experience!

Above all, remember when you are going through a tough time, you have a few little eyes WATCHING you and learning from your example!

Do not let your hands be weak

We have so much to do! Washing, cleaning, bathing, sweeping.. not to mention remembering everything for our husbands too!

When you’re feeling alone at 3AM doing your nightfeeds, trying your best to be happy and gentle, GOD SEES YOU! When you’re frustrated that the laundry basket is never empty, or that you have to juggle two crying babies AND homeschool your eldest, HE sees you! HE knows the extent of your sacrifices!

GOD is watching every single thing that you are doing! He knows how little you slept, HE knows that all you want to do is have a coffee in peace!


and here is the best part…

HE will reward you!

Your work and sacrifices are not in vain momma!

IF HE sees everything, you can hold onto the fact that everything you do is recorded and YOU WILL reap what you are sowing now!

So be strong momma! Work hard and do your best because HE sees it all and you WILL BE REWARDED!!

I started this Love Bible Mom blog and podcast so that I can connect, encourage and engage with like-minded mommas.

Let’s be real, we are few and far between haha! And I, myself, am looking for a community of like-minded moms!

I talk about scriptures that pertain to us as moms and really discuss what the Bible expects from us as moms, but also how the Bible gives us solutions and encouragement for our every day lives!

SO if you could do with some of this vibe, I’ll be here every Monday to unpack some scriptures to encourage, support and build fellow Christian moms up. Being a mom is hectic, but being a good Christian mom can be tough sometimes! We need each other!

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Until next time, keep reminding yourslf that your have been trusted by GOD to raise your children to go to Heaven!

Keep safe, keep praying and keep reading our bible


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Love Bible Learning is designed to help parents teach their young children to love and understand the Bible, and in turn teach them to love GOD! What a strong foundation they will have in preparation to facing the world.

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Ranique · November 23, 2020 at 13:01

Beautiful reminder and so important too.
Thank you Anika 💙

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