Like any journey, one needs to prepare before taking the road- even if it’s just metaphorically!!!

Below is some essential information to prepare us for our journey- we sure don’t want to get lost ha-ha-ha… sorry that was bad!

In keeping with the metaphor:

The vehicle: Love Bible Crafts

The biggest objective is using concrete/tangible resources (Bible crafts) to help KIDS understand abstract concepts. That’s why every single concept one teaches a toddler should be taught using a craft/game.

The fuel: Bible stories

Let’s remember the point of Love Bible Crafts mentioned in the Full Disclosure blog

I want to teach my children stories from the Holy Bible, do Bible crafts with them, and use these stories as a foundation to teach preschool lessons like early literacy skills, numeracy, etc

The destination: Lessons

I guess the above quote helps us to see that our destination is the lessons we do with our kids after doing the Bible story and Bible craft. We are going to divide our so-called destinations into 1. Literacy, 2. Numeracy and 3. Life skills.

All the Love Bible Crafts lessons will follow this structure

  • Bible Story

  • Song

  • Bible craft

  • Lessons

IF you are not keen to follow some of these paths (i.e. because your child can already read or you’re simply a Sunday School teacher) you are more than welcome to simply do the first three steps only

  • 1.Bible Story
  • 2. Song
  • 3. Bible craft


  1. Literacy
  2. Numeracy
  3. Life Skills

1. Literacy

My daughter is 4 years and 2 months old as we speak. She has basically just graduated from baby status. About a month ago, I was doing the usual crafts to keep her busy during one-of-many Lockdown days, and I realised that she was showing readiness to begin a full-on learning series to learn to read.

Now may I remind you, I am an English teacher, but I taught the fourth and fifth grades. This means I didn’t ever teach a child to read from scratch.

I have always admired Foundation Phase teachers! The way they are able to teach such young kids to read seemed like sorcery to me! I could never imagine doing it myself-until I had to! #thanksLockdown

As a teacher, I have been at the receiving end of poorly scaffolded foundations and I have seen the many holes in my students’ foundations. So that meant I already knew what NOT TO DO and common mistakes to avoid. Which is something!

I never intended to home-school my kids, but Covid-19 led us all down some interesting paths

Long story short

I began my craft-driven journey with my daughter to teach her how to read

In JUST 20 DAYS she knew all her phonics and was able to make blends (basically in Lame man’s terms that means put a few sounds together to make a word) and read short stories!

I think the easiness of the process shocked me; I mean 20 days??

So, if you have 20 days to spare, keen to teach your toddler to read or simply want to strengthen their literacy skills

You are more than welcome to follow our literacy section as part of our Love Bible Crafts programme.

The Literacy programme is divided into:

  1. Listening comprehension
  2. Reading (phonics awareness and blends)
  3. Writing (phonics and blends)

2. Numeracy 

Numeracy will be divided into:

  1. Numbers (counting and symbols)
  2. spatial awareness (shapes, colours, direction, size and position)
  3. Patterns (concrete and abstract)
  4. Measurements (length, height, width and time)
  5. Estimation


The most important aspect about numeracy is knowing that each number has to be identified as a symbol (i.e. 1, 2, 3…) and as a quantity (i.e. actual ability identify that there are four sweets and that is the number 4).

In this journey, I will assume your toddler is able to count to 50 or more (quantity) and has the symbol awareness from 1-10.

Spatial awareness

This is a bit of a mixed basket, isn’t it?

This is a child knowing the different shapes- as a plain shape and identifying objects in certain shapes. Colours too- colours like Mauve trips her up a bit, ha-ha

Direction: N, S, E and W, as in Never, Eat Sour Worms… or am I the only one that was taught this?

Positions: on, next to, under, etc.


Patterns can be concrete for a child, i.e. blue block then green then blue. Or it could be an abstract concept, i.e. after I bath, I brush my teeth.


This is to say we teach the kids the concept of measuring objects, in length, width and height.

But also, measuring time in seconds, minutes and hours.


This is a tough cookie for toddlers, but it’s not too early to teach the concept of estimating

i.e. We are going to have supper soon; do you think your tummy is going to have enough space for supper if you eat that apple? Maybe you should rather have a strawberry so that by the time we eat supper your tummy will be hungry again hey?

3.Life skills  

Life Skills will include:

  1. Social skills
  2. My body
  3. The world around us

I am most excited by these lessons because they are FUN and interesting!

Social skill

This will include things like teaching manners, how to share, occupations of people and how to address them, etc.

My body

This will include everything regarding the human body, from the name of different body parts to the digestive systems, to the practise of hygiene

The World around us

I definitely kept the best for last with this one! Here we’re basically teaching everything and anything from sciences, geography, technology.

The infamous questions toddlers ask like:

“Why does the Sun come up in the morning?”

“Where does the rain come from?”

“How can fish breathe under water?”

It’s basically an all-of-the-above category 

Phew! That was a mouthful!!

Now that all of that is out of the way. Are you officially buckled in?

It’s time for the fun to begin

Just remember:

  • Every child is different!
  • Rehash concepts if they your kid doesn’t fully grasp it
  • Don’t move onto new concepts unless they definitely grasp the concepts
  • ALWAYS recap before a new lesson
  • And most importantly- HAVE FUN!

Love Bible Learning

Love Bible Learning is designed to help parents teach their young children to love and understand the Bible, and in turn teach them to love GOD! What a strong foundation they will have in preparation to facing the world.


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