Hi. Im Anika Adams and welcome to the very first episode of Love Bible Mom blog and Love Bible Mom Podcast! Now if you are a Christian mom just doing your best to raise your children to be great Christians in this crazy-ungodly world, then you are in the perfect place!

This episode is just going to be an About me so that you can get to know me, what I do and what I stand for!

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I’m just a regular ol’ mom, no airs and no frills.

I am South African based, and I am very happily married to my gorgeous husband, and the LORD has blessed us with three kids. which by-the-way, are all 4 and under-yikes!

I have two main passions that drive me!

My first and most important passion is GOD and HIS word. Now I was brought up in the church, but I became extremely passionate about going back to basics, you know? Really focusing on what the bible says, and not so much what others may say.

This is the reason the blog is named Love BIBLE mom, instead of Christina mom blog, because I really want to emphasize that everything I will discuss on this blog will be 100% based on scripture.

My second passion is teaching children in a way that they not only retain the information because they absolute enjoy the lesson. I am a firm believer that children can only learn if they are having FUN!

What is Love Bible Learning?

Love Bible Learning rests on the philosophy that it is our duty as parents to raise our children to go to Heaven!

And that’s why Love Bible Learning aims to provide parents with the tools to train their kids BUT while having fun!

And my rainbow logo with the pink, blue and yellow, really encapsulates the three pillars that Love Bible Learning rests upon! It represents the three levels of development that every Love Bible Learning lesson focuses on:

the pink is Love, which represents the social and emotional development,

the blue is the Bible represents the spiritual development

and the yellow which is the Learning represents the cognitive and physical development of your child.

Every single lesson is designed to develop your child emotionally, spiritually and cognitively seamlessly in a lesson filled with many fun activities.

This way we know that when our child finishes the Love Bible Learning curriculum, they are completely equipped, with all the skills and knowledge they need to live a life that will lead them to Heaven!

Love Bible Box Subscription

I create FREE Bible story eBooks, Sunday School songs and memory verse activities in Afrikaans and English.

BUT for moms that don’t have the time to plan and create your own lessons for your child, I provide Love Bible Box subscription boxes that are delivered straight to your door every month!

This monthly subscription box is a full preschool curriculum based on the Bible, to provide moms with the tools they need to teach Bible stories with fun activities, songs, games, crafts and preschool activities all themed in that box’s Bible story. The activities are very well thought out and tried and tested by my own kids, so I feel very confident that your kids will absolute adore the activities! Check out ALL the items in each box! or enjoy some unboxing blogs of past boxes.

Love Bible Mom Blog and PODCAST

But not only this, I’m here for you too momma!

I started this Love Bible Mom blog and podcast so that I can connect, encourage and engage with like-minded mommas.

Let’s be real, we are few and far between haha! And I, myself, am looking for a community of like-minded moms!

I talk about scriptures that pertain to us as moms and really discuss what the Bible expects from us as moms, but also how the Bible gives us solutions and encouragement for our every day lives!

SO if you could do with some of this vibe, I’ll be here every Monday to unpack some scriptures to encourage, support and build fellow Christian moms up. Being a mom is hectic, but being a good Christian mom can be tough sometimes! We need each other!

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Until next time, keep reminding yourslf that your have been trusted by GOD to raise your children to go to Heaven!

Keep safe, keep praying and keep reading our bible


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Love Bible Learning

Love Bible Learning is designed to help parents teach their young children to love and understand the Bible, and in turn teach them to love GOD! What a strong foundation they will have in preparation to facing the world.


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