Have you ever seen the most amazing activity idea for your kids, but just didn’t have that one grape and iodine to pull it off?

So you pin the idea until you go to the store again, but when you go, you forget to get the darned grape. Now your kid is a teen and you’re on kid 2, still trying to find time and energy to be that Instagram-mom, that is the envy of all the Facebook-mom groups with your Pintrestable moments?

Yeah, I’ve been there!

Well, Love Bible Learning can do all that hard work for you! By delivering a Love Bible Box straight to your door you’ll have everything you need to actually do all those amazing sensory activities, experiments and games with your kids. All you have to remember is to take the perfect picture to capture your kids’ delight!

Each Love Bible Box is carefully designed to help parents teach their young children a Bible-based preschool curriculum with fun sensory and educational activities to keep their young and energetic kids fully engaged and excited about learning! Kids learn best when they’re having FUN! So let’s play!

Love Bible Boxes will help you teach all those fun-educational activities you’ve been meaning to teach them, with absolutely no effort at all. Best of all, you have peace of mind that you are being the best parent you can be to your kids by teaching them to love the Bible!

Now you can be THAT mom on all your socials, and happily accept the “how do you do it all?” question without cynically bursting out in laugher!

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