Love Bible Learning is a non-profit organisation and aims to help parents and Sunday School teachers have free and accurate Bible content to help teach their children a preschool curriculum based on Bible stories.

From the very beginning, Love Bible Learning has been crowd-funded and because of this support, we are able to reach thousands of families around the globe-literally! And we are only in the beginning of our third month!

Of all the patrons, Love Bible Learning would like to make an extra special thank you to two very special patrons, for providing the fundamental building blocks for Love Bible Learning to create and distribute its free Bible content!

Through their generosity, Love Bible Learning is able to start some new and exciting content! All glory to GOD for HIS blessings!

Love Bible Learning is absolutely ecstatic for what’s to come!

Thank you so very much to the many patrons for supporting Love Bible Learning! Your resources are funding amazing things! May GOD bless you all abundantly!

Love Bible Learning

Love Bible Learning is designed to help parents teach their young children to love and understand the Bible, and in turn teach them to love GOD! What a strong foundation they will have in preparation to facing the world.


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